The Rule, Article 4

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Congress and Catholicism, and Reaching A Critcal Mass

I rarely am given to political comment. In the interest of full disclosure, neither party inspires me. Most politicians on either side of the aisle in Washington, Jefferson City, and Topeka appear to operate from a worldview dedicated to seizing power, then maintaining the power they've seized. This is done by spending money like there's no tomorrow. My money. Your money. Our great grandchildren's money.

I know this is not what Bernie Madoff did. That was crooked. Surely Congress wouldn't take everything, live "high-on-the-hog ", leave us broke, and.........surely not.

After all, many of them claim to be Catholic. Like Gov. Sibelius, Nancy Pelosi, Say-it-ain't-so Joe Biden, the gravely ill Ted Kennedy, etc.

As unsettling as are the spending practices of these politicians who claim the name Catholic, they at least are on spongy ground.

But abortion is too much for them to support and still be Catholic. Send their membership paperwork to the Unitarians or to Rev Wright in Chicago. Them claiming to be Catholic is like claiming to be a car because you were born in a garage.

If that isn't okay, or if Rev Wright won't accept them, how about praying for their souls? Candles all over the sanctuary!!!