The Rule, Article 4

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Explaining Cranky Guy.

It's tough to do. He was someone I met decades ago in school. We kept bumping into each other. He wanted me to "loosen up" and go with the flow. I wanted him to get converted.

I was fresh out of ideas for blogging. Cranky wasn't. Cranky always has ideas. Some of them are even acceptable if they can be filtered. On his own devices, he sometimes rolls over the edge. But I've always been able to reel him in. At least so far.

I saw his listing of a favored theologian. Slick.

I have some names for you, too.
----Christ, The Life of the Soul by Columba Marmion
----Lift Up Your Heart by Fulton Sheen
----Anything by Rainero Cantalamessa. The spelling is wrong, but the guy is good. Sr. Loretta keeps a fresh supply of his work in her toy store.

Be understanding of Cranky. You'd like him if you got to know him. Unless there is a ground swell of sentiment against it, I'll invite him back some time.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

If Francis Were Alive

Filling in for the vacationing Tommy Augustine:

If Francis were alive, he would read this blog first thing every morning. Then he'd probably check out what was happening on the Kansas Catholic blog and the Catholic Key blog.

Francis was a very wise man.

Full of Care and Compassion,

Cranky Guy

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things To Help You Be A Better Person by Cranky Guy

Another guest editorial.

I am happy to have a chance to address you again. Tommy asked me if I wanted to address you again. The boy is shy and looks to me to help him overcome his myriad of limitations.

First, I love this Blog, Bonnie's stuff is really informative. She needs to be congratulated for all h er efforts. Of course, entering it no doubt makes her even holier than she is already. I've learned a lot from her..

Did you read the last TAU? It has a wonderful poem by one of your members:John Robert McCray.

I have a new favorite book--THEOLOGY AND SANITY by Frank Sheed.. WoW! He's clear. I like clear.

Feel free to respond.