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Friday, February 27, 2009

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Kansas Catholic: Smile, You're Catholic

Kansas Catholic: Smile, You're Catholic

This is from Kansas Catholic., a marvelous blog

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Franciscan Prayer

The other morning at Mass, I was reading some prayers in the back of the missal and was struck with how Franciscan one of them seemed to me. I thought I would just check it out, so I went to our fraternity website at to check the Well Known Franciscans and there he was. Here is the prayer I found.

Let Us Not Be Blinded
O Lord, do not let us turn into "broken cisterns" that can hold no not let us be so blinded by the enjoyment of the good things of earth that our hearts become insensible to the cry of the poor, of the sick, of orphaned children and of those innumerable brothers and sisters of ours who lack the necessary minimum to eat, to clothe their nakedness, and together their family together under one roof. Pope John XXIII (1881-1963)

It is now officially Lent. We are called to prayer, fasting and alms giving during this time. I think I may have just found my Lenten prayer. What is yours?

Bonnie Venture

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's starting soon! And I've made no definite plans about what to do yet. I'd like to give up coffee (and drink Mountain Dew or Red Bull instead). That does seem to smack of duplicity as I think of it. Although I've done the coffee substitution in the past, this year will be different

Lent reminds me of eating fish on Friday. I have eaten a nice grilled salmon before on Friday and declared it a holy act. My wife thinks I'm doing better than doing nothing when I order salmon, but she holds I shouldn't be looking to impress God or anyone else when I do such. Particularly when salmon is my favorite food.

We also had a serious discussion on tithing one time. Guess who wanted to tithe on net and who wanted to opt for gross?

TV is possible for sacrificing. Me giving up television---except for continuing to watch Huckabee, Fr Groschel, AND the NCAA Basketball Tournament, of course---doesn't seem too rigorous. All I'd really be sacrificing is watching Hallmark chick flicks with Lynda. And HGTV. Forgot that.

Maybe I'm not some Franciscan Holy man after all. My carnality appears to be exceeded only by my self-righteousness. Hey, there's an idea, give up self-righteousness.

But, of course I need help. Leave a comment what I might do. All are appreciated.

What do you think of saying Rosary before breakfast?

Tommy Augustine

Monday, February 16, 2009

Computers and Sin

I find it easy to whine when a computer problem overwhelms my technological savvy. My outrageous pride thinks I should know all the answers on my own. Sounds a whole lot like me trying to overcome Sin. Both computers and Sin seem to remain challengingly similar adversaries.

Knowing now that I need to rely on God for patience, insight, forbearance, prudence, revelation, self-discipline, and so forth when clawing my way out of my latest computer debacle does keep me humble. But relying on the Holy Spirit when clawing my way out of my latest non-computer debacle is even better. Both teach me how limited I am and how awesome God is.

I still occasionally try fighting my computer (and Sin, too )on my own. That's the thing about being self-centered: one hates to give up the habit of making dumb choices without a fight. Unfortunately, I still all too often turn to Him only when I'm fresh out of ideas. Happens with computers and with Sin.

But God hasn't given up on me, so why should I?

-----Tommy Augustine

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Shameless Effort To Get Your Attention

Now, if you have never commented on a blog, this is your time to begin.   For example, you may have questions about what we do at meetings or about Franciscan Spirituality. We will try to answer them.   (Our answers will often even relate to your questions.)  When we have no clear cut answer, we will beat around the bush.

If you like what we  say, tell others.  If you don't, keep it to yourself.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Each Day, each year,
God Begins anew....
planting within us
the seed,
the promise,
God's own self.
May our journey
give birth each day
to the Love which
will heal and
transform our world.

Spl Ckr

Looks lik I aut to use it

Friday, February 13, 2009

It Begins

Our goal is to focus on following Francis as Francis followed Christ. For openers, that means we are interested in all things Franciscan in Metro KC. And all things Catholic.

So what's our axe to grind? We don't have one. The Catechism spells out where we stand. We believe Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Magisterial Teaching clear up most questions we've had about anything important.

We support Bishop Finn and Archbishop Naumann as successors of the Apostles.

We aren't attempting to be right wing or left wing, but we will steer clear of those who appear bent on turning blood into wine or wine into water. We'll still love you, but just from afar.