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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Standing on My Head: Standing Up Against Sexism

Standing on My Head: Standing Up Against Sexism

Neither Cranky nor his friend Frank More could figure out how to do this, so I was recruited. Fr. Dwight writes good stuff. A few of the Blog staff like his work. We do not speak for the f raternity as a whole.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What would Francis say?

So many seem to know what to do. I don't. I read the papers, I watch the pundits. And I tremble.

What can I think? What can I do? Prayer seems right, but offering to pray seems sometimes to be looking for cover for my inaction.

I struggle to be a man of God. I can't fix me. I am amazed when both parties cavalierly propose simple solutions to complex problems. If I stray even a bit from keeping my attention on the Lord, I remember that the solutions proposed by either party, any party, have all been tried before. And they failed.

We must protect our country. But are we supposed to protect the world? And if we are, whom would you choose to lead us?

Francis is traditionally said to have taught that words can be used when necessary to preach. I suppose that means there would be times when words are unnecessary. Are they necessary today? But words, what words should we choose to use? And who should choose them? now we are left with a problem. what are we supposed to do when we have no money to help others? What are we supposed to do when others don't want to be helped?

Is there a time to reconsider what to do? Should we save ourselves or try to save the world? Perhaps knowing God as Francis did would lead something different?

I guess really following Jesus would be too radical? I wonder what he wants in all of this? I wonder if anyone has asked him?