The Rule, Article 4

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Come Let Us Adore

Come, Let Us Adore,

Come, let us adore….Jesus Christ, the gift of God Our Father, delivered personally by His Servant, Mary, to a world still waiting for a reality that can be trusted, longing for the cloud of depression to evaporate, breathlessly clinging to a conviction that yes, God is still with us, and will stay.

Come, let us adore....a noble, voiceless, Child, born to the humble and unknown, a Child with our human needs and His boundless gifts. When we look out and beyond ourselves, we find we are in the midst of people who still look, who unwaveringly believe, who continue to see the face of God elbow-close in their own private reality. We are surrounded by warm-blooded gifts personally planned and continually sustained by our Heavenly Father so that our family hearth will stay lit, our neighborhood watch will remain secure, and our faith will live.

Come, let us adore….that is, let us put aside the ambition of perfect and important, preferred and proper. Let us pick up the poor and lonely. Let us look beyond ourselves; and let us not be surprised at being surrounded by the caring and thoughtful. Trusting friends lighten our walk and quicken our pace toward that which lasts beyond the ribbon and the light. We remember that the one who came still walks with us.

Come, let us adore....the Incarnate God who came to share our human nature so that we may realize the Divine Plan of being united with Him.. God comes among us as human to show us the way to Godliness. We have seen; we have heard; we believe; and we worship the Gift of God the Father so that we may have Life with Him, now and in eternity.. Awed that we are included and cared for., we daily care and include. In His littleness the Son of God made man assures us of the greatness of His Love.

Come, let us adore....the Gift of God the Father Who keeps in His Heart our weary world. We join St. Francis, on our knees in gratitude for and in fidelity to our call to be Seraphic Servants For the privilege of being called and forgiven, we, humbly forgive in His name. May the Christ of Christmas lift us beyond the temporal and the tempting. May the God, Whose Only Begotten Son is with us, be praised and glorified, now and forever. May our lives be profound witnesses to Peace in His Limitless Love.

Sister Josephine Boyles, OSF, Spiritual Assistant

Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist
Independence, MO, USA

(picture: Giotto's "Instruction at the Crib at Greccio"