The Rule, Article 4

Sunday, August 16, 2009

From the Summa off Tommy Augustine-Art.1

We’ve recently moved after thirty-two years of marriage from our first home to our second home. I’d say we are 90+ percent finished with the project. To give perspective, we bid the house three weeks ago, closed two week ago at 9:00 am before movers came three hours later that same day. We are really tired.

So how does this relate to you? First, since we still own the first house, if you’ve ever had an idea you’d like to move to Liberty, this is your opportunity for the deal of a lifetime! I’d love to have you meet our realtor!

Second, my Illusion about my level of Simplicity. I honesty believed I had this conquered. I was not one of those materialists. No way, not me. The ladies at the thrift store knew me personally from the boxes and bags we deposited on their back step. Oh, I had other problems, just not Simplicity. Well, boy was I wrong.

Moving taught me I had done little to de-clutter my life materially. My assessment of my success in this virtue reveals pride, ignorance, or some toxic combination. Stuff was everywhere. Junk of every description. Things too good to throw away but which I’ll never use. Slowly, ever so slowly, my little pile of treasures is being diminished. But I could have done it, and done it right, years ago.

If this reflects what is really going on interiorly, for me-- and I believe it does---I am stuck in the purgative stage even more deeply than I had ever imagined. And this was a perceived strength!

Finally, Television. What can I say? We have all, or most all sat through Cable TV playing the same gruesome news over and over. We’ve complained of MTV, then sat mesmerized with Dancing With the Stars.

Lynda opined we could do without cable TV, just keep the internet and phone. She then suggested getting the fastest road runner. I was hooked. And all we regularly watched was EWTN, anyway. We get good reception on the internet and the radio.

So do I miss television? Very little. And spiritual reading leaves my head in a much better place than some dark detective drama.

One more change I am planning is Devotion to Sacred Heart. Even bought me a statue. Never did it two days in a row in my life. Look at what it promises in last month’s news letter! Better deal than I’ve heard lately.

Want to try it, too? If you stop, you can always get the old you back.


Elias Mutsch said...

Write more stuff lik this. FINALLY something on web i can relae to.

Bonnie Venture said...

More coming soon.....just can't keep Tommy nose to the grindstone........