The Rule, Article 4

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blessed Odoric of Pordenone, Priest, First Order

Odoric was born in the city of Pordenone, Italy in the year 1265. He entered the Order of St. Francis and in a marvelous way combined austerity of life with apostolic zeal for the propagation of the faith. The first scene of his apostolic labors was in the missions of the Order in Asia. Later he went on to the distant Indians and Tartars and finally reached China where he was instrumental in establishing the ecclesiastical hierarchy in the city of Peking known then as Cambalek, and brought many thousands to the Christian faith. He is rightly called the "Apostle of China." As he was on his way to Avignon to report to the Pope on the progress of Christianity in the distant mission, he died in the friary of Udine on January 14, 1331.

From the common of pastors: missionary priest, 1426

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