The Rule, Article 4

Monday, May 3, 2010

THE RULE - Chapter Two - The Way of Life - 13

The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order
Chapter Two –The Way of Life

As the Father sees in every person the features of his Son, the firstborn of many brothers and sisters, so the Secular Franciscans with a gentle and courteous spirit accept all people as a gift of the Lord and an image of Christ.

A sense of community will make them joyful and ready to place themselves on an equal basis with all people, especially with the lowly for whom they shall strive to create conditions of life worthy of people redeemed by Christ.

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brother Joseph, SFO said...

What a truly wonderful and Spirit inspired Rule we Secular Franciscan's have! Those who wrote it truly understood the Gospel - had it in their hearts and lived it with their lives for these words vibrate with the Spirit of God - with God's Life. Pure, humble, meek, measured, true, holy and good. Alleluia! Thank you for sharing our Rule with us! Your brother, Joseph, SFO