The Rule, Article 4

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Letter to the Rulers of the Peoples

St. Francis of Assisi

Brother Francis, your little and looked-down upon servant in the Lord God, wishes health and peace to all mayors and consuls, magistrates and governors throughout the world and to all others to whom these words may come.

Reflect and see that the day of death is approaching. With all possible respect, therefore, I beg you not to forget the Lord because of the world’s cares and preoccupations and not to turn away from His commandments, for all those who leave Him in oblivion and turn away from His commandments are cursed and will be left in oblivion by Him. (Gn 47:29; Ps 119:21; Ex 33:13)

When the day of death does come, everything they think they have shall be taken from them. The wiser and more powerful they may have been in this world, the greater will be the punishment they will endure in hell. (Mt 13:12; Mk 4:25; Lk 8:18; Wis 6:7)

Therefore I strongly advise you, my Lords, to put aside all care and preoccupation and receive the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ with fervor in holy remembrance of Him. May you foster such honor to the Lord among the people entrusted to you that every evening an announcement may be made by a messenger or some other sign that praise and thanksgiving may be given by all people to the all powerful Lord God. If you do not do this, know that, on the day of judgment, you must render an account before the Lord Your God, Jesus Christ. (Mt 12:36)

Let those who keep this writing with them and observe it know that they will be blessed by the Lord God.

Source: Francis of Assisi, The Saint, Early Documents, published by New City Press

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