The Rule, Article 4

Monday, June 14, 2010

THE RULE - Chapter 2 The Way of Life - 19

The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order
Chapter 2 - The Way of Life


Mindful that they are bearers of peace which must be built up unceasingly, they should seek out ways of unity and fraternal harmony through dialogue, trusting in the presence of the divine seed in everyone and in the transforming power of love and pardon. 

Messengers of perfect joy in every circumstance, they should strive to bring joy and hope to others.

Since they are immersed in the resurrection of Christ, which gives true meaning to Sister Death, let them serenely tend toward the ultimate encounter with the Father.

“May whoever observes all this be filled in heaven with the blessing of the most high Father, and on earth with that of his beloved Son, together with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.”
Blessing of Saint Francis from the Testament.


brother Joseph, SFO said...

'Peace MUST be built up unceasingly' - like St. Francis, stone by stone, rebuilding St. Mary's. Francis, grace by grace, building a holy life and also, through the Spirit of God, a holy family of God - the Franciscans, poor brothers/sistersof penance!

"Bearers of joy . . . to everyone".

Yes, father Francis, pray earnestly that we might build peace and bring joy to everyone, always, in all circumstances. Pray for us that love might reign in our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits and always abide in what we do and what we say. May all we do and all we say bring You glory - the One to whom all glory is due. Be exalted forever Jesus, Savior of the world!


Anonymous said...

How true!!

I sometimes loose track of this in the daily battles. I think I will print these comments to keep handy.

Elias Mutsch said...


Daily battles are always there. I pray, realize my purpose is to praise Him Then get focused on anything but my problem,

Often, i think about my blessings--how big my God is,