The Rule, Article 4

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest Column by Cranky Guy

If Francis lived in 2010 in Missouri, what would he be like? Would he be different than he was all those years ago in Italy? Would he wear a suit? jeans? The same habit? Would he look and act a whole lot like Fr. Felix?

Would he catch late night television when he had time? Think about how he responded to Islam. How should I respond?

Would he say "Grace" at a Tea Party Rally?

Would he say "Grace" at a Rally?

Would he vote?

Would it be easier to get Francis to fit our culture, or would it be easier to get our culture to fit Francis?

Where would he/should we compromise to get along with family, neighbors,friends, church members, etc.?

If I really take Francis seriously, will I have to more and more be a hermit, forced by my choices into more and more of an eremetical life?

To be a Franciscan, a Catholic, a Christian I may have to be counter-cultural. What is that going to be like when most of us have spent a lifetime trying to fit in with people around us?

Having a life goal of being holy rather than a goal of being nice and accepted could force me to change everything. Relativism and Consumerism are what our worlds more and more mean--when we have the money to finance it.

Aren't we all like the prodigal son? We're ready to go home to the Father==just as soon as the money runs out. Until then, let the good times roll! Now for the $64,000.00 questions---Am I hitting close to home for you? Or is this only a problem for me?

If I really focus on Jesus and what He did, everything else becomes more or less just biding time until I die. But I'm so stupid that I spend large percentages of my life on stuff that makes no difference to me, anyone else, or God.

I'm giving tepid a bad name.

Hugs and Kisses

Cranky Guy
Guest Coulumnist

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