The Rule, Article 4

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knowing God or Knowing About God

Do I know God, or do I know about God? It’s easy to reduce God to an intellectual construct to be described, developed, and defended. He’s suddenly a great deal like a listing of the Northern Generals during the Civil War. Their strengths and weaknesses can be calculated, weighed, evaluated, compared and shared. But you and I are hard-pressed to claim actually knowing them. For they have all been dead for over one hundred years.

It’s the same way with God. I can come to know about him and what he did without having a genuine relationship with Him. That can be deadly. Do I get into Heaven when I only know about Him?

Oh, I do hope I know him better than I know you.
Or you know me.

I depend so much on grace. It's like He gave me pre-approved credit card. But those things do run out. Does grace run out? Does mercy? Is the answer different when I presume on His Grace and Mercy? Please, does it stop when I die? Do I take a draft with me to cover expected and unexpected departure expenses between my death and the Beatific vision?

If Purgatory is what it says in the Catechism, looks like most people are going to spend some time there. And it looks pretty inviting from my perspective. That is, unless there are more Catholics immaculately conceived than I thought there were.

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