The Rule, Article 4

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pray for Fr. Corapi

His preaching and teaching have blessed and do bless me tremendously.

If I were Satan and wanted to bring down anyone in the Church more than anyone else, Id choose Benedict XVI, then Fr. Corapi. Getting either of them would destroy lots of folks faith.

Benedict would be too hard. He's so German, so smart, so focused. But Corapi wold be easier to destroy, even if I had no information. I could make it up. Even if he gets cleared in a couple of years, I could pull him down a peg or three. Also, it would get his Catechism Class off EWTN.

Calumny always has worked. Catholics rarely are interested in protecting their priests. Look how they acted after the scandals. Bishop will drop im for someone more manageable.

But we aren't Satan. We need to pray and pray and pray.

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