The Rule, Article 4

Friday, May 20, 2011

I am conservative. Does it show?

If I am a Conservative Catholic, should I consider contributing to my grandchildren attending a Catholic college that is liberal (aka progressive) .

It appears that our country wants to takeover the Catholic brand and make it appropriately Catholic to back abortion, same sex shacking up, fornication, etc. as okay.

Why even be Catholic if the label can include a Kennedy/Shriver and a Cardinal Burke? Someone needs to blink and be something else. I think the Shrivers/Kennedys/ Bidens/ etc. should be traded to the Episcopalians for some of their unused church buildings they are clinging to in courts.

I used to really like Maria Shriver as being somehow different from other Kennedy's. She and her grandmother Rose. Sure, she was Oprah's friend. But I have some friends with whom I disagree. Well,I was wrong about Maria. She's still a neat lady, just wrong. And apparently supporting positions that the Catholic Catechism defines as wrong. I'm not saying she's going to Hell. I am only saying is that she advocates positions the Catechism says are grave sins. And grave sins send us to Hell without passing Go or collecting $200.

There must be something wrong with me in their eyes. I just can't work my way around killing children and saving whales. Perhaps they can help me come to grips with the desirability of men joining with men in relationships. Of women with women. Of cocker spaniels with tabby cats. How about having two men marry one woman? You know, like that group on television whose name I can't recall. You know who I mean. More of this kind of thing could be just enough to really confuse me as a child. I'm pretty sure it's rough on me as an adult.

By the way, my grandchildren can go wherever they want to college.....but my help will hinge on me approving what the school appears to back. If I agree, I give them the paltry amount I can invest in such. My grandchildren will always be loved by me. It's just that I may or may not give them money. If they go to a marvelous--BUT LIBERAL--school and get through without me, I'll applaud their tenacity, just not their choice.

I'm right. They're wrong. But that's ok. Others are wrong, too.

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