The Rule, Article 4

Monday, February 16, 2009

Computers and Sin

I find it easy to whine when a computer problem overwhelms my technological savvy. My outrageous pride thinks I should know all the answers on my own. Sounds a whole lot like me trying to overcome Sin. Both computers and Sin seem to remain challengingly similar adversaries.

Knowing now that I need to rely on God for patience, insight, forbearance, prudence, revelation, self-discipline, and so forth when clawing my way out of my latest computer debacle does keep me humble. But relying on the Holy Spirit when clawing my way out of my latest non-computer debacle is even better. Both teach me how limited I am and how awesome God is.

I still occasionally try fighting my computer (and Sin, too )on my own. That's the thing about being self-centered: one hates to give up the habit of making dumb choices without a fight. Unfortunately, I still all too often turn to Him only when I'm fresh out of ideas. Happens with computers and with Sin.

But God hasn't given up on me, so why should I?

-----Tommy Augustine

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Elias Mutsch said...

I haven't given up either