The Rule, Article 4

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's starting soon! And I've made no definite plans about what to do yet. I'd like to give up coffee (and drink Mountain Dew or Red Bull instead). That does seem to smack of duplicity as I think of it. Although I've done the coffee substitution in the past, this year will be different

Lent reminds me of eating fish on Friday. I have eaten a nice grilled salmon before on Friday and declared it a holy act. My wife thinks I'm doing better than doing nothing when I order salmon, but she holds I shouldn't be looking to impress God or anyone else when I do such. Particularly when salmon is my favorite food.

We also had a serious discussion on tithing one time. Guess who wanted to tithe on net and who wanted to opt for gross?

TV is possible for sacrificing. Me giving up television---except for continuing to watch Huckabee, Fr Groschel, AND the NCAA Basketball Tournament, of course---doesn't seem too rigorous. All I'd really be sacrificing is watching Hallmark chick flicks with Lynda. And HGTV. Forgot that.

Maybe I'm not some Franciscan Holy man after all. My carnality appears to be exceeded only by my self-righteousness. Hey, there's an idea, give up self-righteousness.

But, of course I need help. Leave a comment what I might do. All are appreciated.

What do you think of saying Rosary before breakfast?

Tommy Augustine

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Elias Mutsch said...

Do something nobler than you might otherwise consider. Not likely difficult to imagine.