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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Franciscan Prayer

The other morning at Mass, I was reading some prayers in the back of the missal and was struck with how Franciscan one of them seemed to me. I thought I would just check it out, so I went to our fraternity website at to check the Well Known Franciscans and there he was. Here is the prayer I found.

Let Us Not Be Blinded
O Lord, do not let us turn into "broken cisterns" that can hold no not let us be so blinded by the enjoyment of the good things of earth that our hearts become insensible to the cry of the poor, of the sick, of orphaned children and of those innumerable brothers and sisters of ours who lack the necessary minimum to eat, to clothe their nakedness, and together their family together under one roof. Pope John XXIII (1881-1963)

It is now officially Lent. We are called to prayer, fasting and alms giving during this time. I think I may have just found my Lenten prayer. What is yours?

Bonnie Venture

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tommy augustine said...

Great post....the prayer sums up a lot of what I too easily overlook