The Rule, Article 4

Sunday, January 2, 2011

While the testosterone types watch tv.

While Tommy watches some football game between two teams he's relatively clueless about, I t h ought I'd write something on his blog. I may have to do more of this because I'm way more interesting than he is.

The boy really doesn't have much of a life. He studies a lot, talks with Bob McCray about poetry a lot, whines about the absolute stupidity of most Washington politicians, and prays toward the Reagan Presidential Library a couple of times a day.

I could assimilate him as his resistance would be futile, but I think he would get boring.

Football games are grinding to a close. That will leave j ust basketball. Y ou know I could give up some tv and read more spiritual literature. For example, I could read Francis.

If I'm really interested in spiritual growth, that is. I find that Francis makes me think. He's like one of those monks in that Into Great Silence film. I mean, he and they are really serious about the Gospel. Really serious. He and Clare probably never went to lunch with each other after Mass. He spent time in the Scriptures rather than sneaking peeks at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. And I wonder if there would have been a discussion about whether or not R rated movies were okay to watch.

I have another line of thought boring ol' Tommy would miss. It's the Women's beach volley ball team. Have you seen a game? I asked Tommy his opinion once. He blushed. But then I rented a Shania Twain video. I watched it three times before somebody told me it has music on it. Gave me something to repent. My oh my oh my!! That woman...that woman...that woman can sing.

RE: Formation

I suppose if people get serious with DEEP FORMATION if we will actually want to read the assignments for the meetings. Benedict XVI is easier to follow than JPII, but both men are among the smartest men who have ever been on Rome's side in quite a while.. I can get lost attempting to understand their subtleties. But then as a male, I am brain damaged.

Some told me that they didn't always read in the past didn't read what they are supposed to read. Surely not. I probably misunderstood. That doesn't sound like a Franciscan. That sounds like a Benedictine or a Trappist. Maybe a Domenican. Franciscans are too Hooooooly for that. Aren't we? Well, I know I'm hooly. Only my humility is further developed than my holiness.

Don't tell Tommy I wrote you all. He'll get his feelings hurt. "FEELINGS SMEELINGS" I get tired of him whining at times. I've decided to grow up some, right after he does.

Postponing maturity is a real art form. But I think I'm getting it down. How about you?


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